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Re: [linrad] Linux

Hi Sergio & All,

only to inform that RH isn't obsolete at all.
Simply stated, they have changed their policy, in that
RH will pursuit  registrered owners.
No more free downloads from RH site.

At the same time, freeing 9.x Linux implementation,
RH gave a gift to the GNU community, that will
continue under Fedora mark.

So that we have two distinct alive lines, so far.

Paolo, I3DLI

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Sent: Thursday, January 01, 2004 9:14 PM
Subject: [linrad] Linux

> Hello all,
> I am in progress to switch distro from Mandrake to something else at
> least on one of my machines.  I played for a couple of days with a copy
> of RH 9.A that I found on some magazine.  Immediately I had to face
> one-hundred of difficulties I didn't have with MDK but that was somewhat
> expected.  I was told that RH basically is now totally obsolete and
> Fedora has replaced it. Before I get too much into it (RH) I'd like to
> check some opinions here.
> I am obviously not looking for a 'standard' distro in a world where it
> does basically not exhist one; anyhow, is anyone feeling like suggesting
> something 'oriented' in that direction.    
> Cheers and good 2004 to all of you.
> Thanks in advance.
> Sergio