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[linrad] Linux

Hello all,
I am in progress to switch distro from Mandrake to something else at
least on one of my machines.  I played for a couple of days with a copy
of RH 9.A that I found on some magazine.  Immediately I had to face
one-hundred of difficulties I didn't have with MDK but that was somewhat
expected.  I was told that RH basically is now totally obsolete and
Fedora has replaced it. Before I get too much into it (RH) I'd like to
check some opinions here.

I am obviously not looking for a 'standard' distro in a world where it
does basically not exhist one; anyhow, is anyone feeling like suggesting
something 'oriented' in that direction.    

Cheers and good 2004 to all of you.

Thanks in advance.