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Re: [linrad] SDR Hardware

Hi, Gian and All !

> It would be interesting to see if there could be a
> worstening or improvement adding a first classic
> analog conversion to the SDR1000, with IF around 9MHz,
> using the H-Mode Mixer (G3SBI or I7SWX config IP3 =<
> +40dBm). In this case a 9MHz xtal filter,3kHz or less
> bw) would be the roofing filter,

The two channnel conversion will be superfluous. The single channel
will do all the job fine (like in 756PRO, Orion and others).

My DSP transceiver uses such technique and it works fine. 
You can see more info at (http://users.ints.net/skidan/T03DSP/),
I will update it soon with the schematics and other info.

All the best !