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RE: [linrad] SDR Hardware

Hello Gian:

The R2Pro and SDR-1000 do not have "all that gain" at
audio.  The SDR-1000 is a a dual conversion receiver
with the last IF at 11025 Hz and the last mixing done


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The problem with direct conversion receivers is that
all the gain is at audio frequencies.  
Why not to try a single conversion receiver where the
gain is equally distributed between IF and audio?

> radio with Linrad, SDR,
> GnuRadio
> are really changing the way we think about receiver
> work and homebrewing
> receivers.
> For my money, having done all of the above, the
> potential for the QSD
> (Tayloe
> detector) is extremely large.  The numbers I can
> measure in the lab tell me
> that with careful design work, this can be the basis
> for the greatest
> receiver
> in all numbers.
> Bob