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RE: [linrad] IC706MKIIG

Hi Leif e.a.

There is only one radio which has superb keying even on fast QSK and that is
my Ten Tec Paragon. Amazing!

73 Dick/PA2DW

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Verzonden: dinsdag 9 december 2003 22:56
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Onderwerp: RE: [linrad] IC706MKIIG

Hi Jim,

> The 706 series is very picky about low power supply voltage.
> I had to run #4 welding wire from my battery so I could run mobil
> with the engine off. Somewhere near +12 volts and the frequency
> becomes unstable. If your power source spikes momentarily below
> 12 volts, it is very likely to cause a problem. This may or may not
> relate to your problem, but is something to check. Some shortcuts
> were taken in the 706 design, especially the noise blanker.
OK. I do not think I have any problem here. I have a good 10A
supply. I can not run at full power, but the problems are not
changing when I change the output power. On 144 MHz the keying is
perfect at all power levels.

It seems the ALC (=driver stage gain) is not something the user is
supposed to adjust. I have also received comments saying that this
radio is known to be problematic on CW.

When set for full break-in it causes terrible keying clicks. This
mode should never be used in IC706MKIIG.