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[linrad] IC706MKIIG

Hi All,

I am doing some measurements on a IC706MKIIG, but I do not have
the operators manual. The unit is fine on 144 MHz, but on 14 MHz
the ALC turns down the power after it initially has been a bit above
the steady state level soon after key-down. 

The AGC action is fast and causes terrible keying clicks. Is there
anyone in this group who knows if I am operating the unit improperly?
In other words: Is there a drive level I should set some way according 
to the operators manual or is the unit defective because some internal 
level is incorrectly set? I find it hard to believe that these keying 
clicks are normal for the IC706MKIIG - on 144 MHz the keying is superb.


Leif / SM5BSZ