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Re: [linrad] delta 44

Hallo Ernst,
I am not a Linux expert either. But I had to do this linking to get linrad
working through my other card. It appeared that alsa installed the built-in
card as the first , ie. card0 and the other as card1. You might change this
in modules.conf.
the dsp device is normally linked to dsp0, ie to card0. I do not remember
exactly, but maybe linux gives you the choice to several ( active) dsp's.
But I remember vaguely that linking linrad for read only to f.e. dsp0, it
automatically also chose for writing the dsp0 input as well. Then I took
away the link from dsp to dsp0 and replaced it with the link to dsp1. That
solved the matter.
Other linux programmes, like krecord ( is a very good programme to see if
the recording is working and on which level, before starting linrad) always
take dsp and if you want it to use the second soundcard the link has to be
Well there are linux commands to link and delink. I do not know those by
heart. I used one of those filemanagers which has the linking/delinking
facility built in. Not konqueror but one of the other. Forgot the name.
I currently have no linux running so I cannot check.
I am experimenting with the SDR1000, another soundcard radio system.

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Subject: AW: [linrad] delta 44

> Hello Arie,
> thank you for your reply!!
> The information abt the lib files in SuSe 8.2 is very interesting. I will
> try this after the next upgrade.
> May i ask you for more information abt. the soundcard problem?
> How can i change the link of the dsp dev file from dsp0 to dsp1? I am no
> linux expert.
> I want to run the glfer fft software on the SB AWE 64  (and not with the
> delta 44)card with my normal soundcard interface also used for wsjt and
> spectran or hamview.
> I believe that alsa supports the delta 44 very well. I could use the card
> under alsa and both cards very without problems installed under SuSe 8.1
> 8.2.
> But the only thing that does not work was linrad. Because i got no further
> information on this problem i bought the oss license and linrad works but
> now i have the problems with the other programs.
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> Hallo Ernst,
> a. I did not have an svgalib problem with SuSE 8.2, but look where svgalib
> puts its libraries after installation. It is different from what Leif
> indicates so you have to adapt the linking.
> b. If you have more than one soundcard you have to link the dsp dev file
> dsp0 or dsp1 . Standard it is linked to dsp0 but in your case probably it
> should link to dsp1.
> c. According to alsa supported cards page  the delta 44 is supported
> snd-ice1712
> 73
> Arie
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> Subject: [linrad] delta 44
> > Hello,
> >
> > in the moment i am running Linrad 1.08 under SuSe 8.1 (SuSe 8.2 does not
> > work with svgalib)with an Delta 44 and SB AWE 64 under OSS.
> > Before changing from alsa to OSS the KDE uses the SB AWE 64 for system
> > ouputs and the delta 44 (invy24)or SB AWE 64 alsa-mixers are available
> under
> > KDE.
> > I changed from alsa to oss to keep linrad running with the delta 44.
> > The problem is, that the KDE seems to use the first soundcard (delta 44)
> for
> > system outputs.
> > How can i tell the system to use the second soundcard for system
> >
> > How can i change the input gain of the delta 44? With Ossmix or ossxmix
> > can only change from +4 db to -10db relative level.
> > Is it possible to use a kind of batch file, to make the delta 44 drivers
> > "aktive" only when linrad is used and after finishing linrad to remove
> > delta 44 relative drivers so that the system only uses the sb awe 64 for
> > input and output?
> >
> > Thanks for any help in advance
> > ernst, dl2lac
> >