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RE: [linrad] bzip2

It is only important to bunzip2 unless you supply
it with other command line arguments.  To tar,
it should not be important.  The "j" argument
is just not known to many people.

You did not tell him that 

tar -jxvf 

will completely disgorge the tar file into /usr/local/src

UNLESS  there is directory information in the tar ball.

For that reason, I would

tar -jtf

first to see the contents.

If there is no directory structure in it, I would make
a subdirectory of /usr/local/src and disgorge the
tar ball there.


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On Sunday 16 November 2003 21:50, Stanka1ze@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Both programs exist (bzip2,bunzip2). They have the following path
> file:/usr/bin
> My linrad has this path  file:/root/mnt/floppy/lir01-08tbz
> Stan

cd < your directory on harddisk > (usually /usr/local/src)

tar -jxvf /root/mnt/floppy/lir01-08tbz

AFAIK the name of the file is not important as the program reads the 
file headers to decide the type.