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Re: [linrad] parameter files

Hi, Brian,

Mouse type '5' is what shows here as well.

Does the mouse function properly within Linrad in other respects?


does the mouse cursor move normally?

if you left-click on a point on the main spectrum / waterfall, does a vertical cursor
appear and the high resolution spectrum  become active?

if you left-click on a parameter box do the numbers disappear so you can enter new

if you put the mouse over, for example, the high resolution spectrum window and hit
'F1', do you get a help message for the high resolution spectrum window?

I assume from how things appear here that even if the windows are superimposed
initially, you can see enough of each one to report on the above...


Roger Rehr

PS no, the telephone man never did arrive today...they called at 4:30 pm to say it
would probably be tomorrow...day 3 of the ongoing saga [Ohhhh noooooo....more email
from SZ...is heard throughout the NET...]

----- Original Message Follows -----
> Roger,
> Thanks for the reply. You say : 
> > " But if you cannot make them move by pulling on the edges with the
> >   mouse and holding down the left button, then something is wrong."
> Does anyone have ideas of what might be wrong? The console screen is perfectly 
> ok in all other respects, just this problem with svgalib and linrad. 
> X-windows and KDE are fine. I use an Sis6326 vga card and normal PS2 mouse. I 
> have edited the /etc/vga/libvga.config to mouse type PS2 and linrad 
> configuration comes up with mouse type 5.  Any ideas?
> 73 Brian.

Roger Rehr