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RE: [linrad] WSE converters

Hi Jim,

> Thank you for a timely price change in the RX2500.
> This should save me quite a bit in shipping charges.
Yes. With UPS, the shipping was really a too large fraction 
of the total cost.

> I am waiting until more about Linux/Linrad compatibility
> issues are known and resolved. There are a large number of
> PC's in the $250 USD price range that look like they *might* work
> as a dedicated Linrad PC. As I continue to try to figure out
> what PC might work, I'll monitor the USD/SEK exchange rate
> and buy at a  more favorable rate. Currently 1 USD = 7.87 SEK,
> so I have already saved about $0.30 since last week. In a recovering
> US economy I expect the USD to strengthen.
OK. I do not think there will be any price change until the first
25 units are sold out. What happens after that is something I can not
guess. Hopefully it will be possible to keep the prices but it
is hard to know. 

> I am still open to suggestions as to what PC might work for Linrad.
I do not know anything about this. I hope others will look into this

> Live CD has not worked on either PC here. My conclusion still
> remains, that I must have 96KHZ Linrad for 2M EME. My new
> homebrew front end is nearing completion.
OK. Four channels at 96 kHz really makes best use of the hardware
so you need a reasonably fast machine. That should not be any
problem these days, but getting svgalib running and the builtin
sound for the output are the problems.

> There may be an opportunity here for a small computer shop to build
> compatible Linux PC's with Linrad installed (and working).

Yes. This could be one alternative. Maybe there is an amateur friend
working in this kind of enterprise somewhere. I think there will be
a good solution some day. Maybe Antennspecialisten will do something.