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Re: [linrad] Motherboard Recommendations?

Hello, Doc,

I have run Linrad for 144 MHz EME and weak signal work in the 90 KHz bandwidth mode
with no computer interference complaints on my part with 

1.  Dell Dimension 8100 1.4 GHz P4 [prebuilt] and

2.  Homebrew P3 1 GHz  with Soyo 7VBA133U Socket 370 ATX Motherboard.
    Just4PC ATX MidTower Case
    768 MB PC100 SDRAM
    I got the components for #2 from Tiger Direct, except for the P3 which I found on
the web cheaper at newegg.com.

Both systems run Red Hat Linux 8.0 with OSS Drivers, Delta44 Audio card and
SoundBlaster Audio card.  No problems with using Linrad with either system.

I am also running Fast Ethernet with CAT5 cable through the 2 floor of the house and
to my surprise didn't see significant noise from that when I added it a couple of
years ago.  I had previously had a coaxial cable based network for several years.

The antennas are on 2 towers, each about 100 feet from the radio / computer room,
about 50 feet above the radio room height.

There is a lot of other 'garbage' in my neighborhood, and so it may be that my
computers aren't really that quiet, but just that their noise is 'hidden' in the
ambient noise.

The details of my Linrad setup are on Rein's site at

The software version numbers have all been updated, but the hardware remains the


Roger Rehr

----- Original Message Follows -----
> I am still trying to ID a motherboard or barebones pc kit that has been 
> found to be real RFI & operationally quiet and especially suitable for 
> Linrad and other RF-environment Ham apps under Linux.
> My current desktop in the radio room is far too noisy and unstable.
> So, what are y'all running, please?
> Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e

Roger Rehr