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Re: [linrad] Real Linux Users

On Friday 31 October 2003 06:05, Rein A. Smit wrote:

> The big puzzle for me is how can one run a business when numerous
> people put copies
> of software on the market for the cost of the CD that stores the
> code.

That is the business's problem - having a usable business model.
Businesses do not have any god given right to exist. If a new model 
for distrubution and or creation of goods and services comes up, the 
old ones have to perish that is the nature of free enterprise. Stupid 
legislations (e.g. software patents, DMCA) to keep the status quo is 
what causes problems galore. As hams these legislations will 
eventually prevent you from expermenting and creating - a very 
important reason to support freesoftware.