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Re: [linrad] Real Linux Users

Hi Rein,

  You ask what is special or unspecial about Mandrake.

  Well RedHat had a pretty good distribution (things just worked) that
they had worked very hard on. And then Mandrake came along with a "cheap"
copy (initially) of it, or so it was said. 

  That said, the Mandrake distribution just keeps getting better. The
current areas of difference tend to be which "office suite" is included
and who has which "closed source" drivers included. Once 9.2 settles down
(most bugs are fixed), I will probably download it and try it myself.

  The driver issue is not often openly talked about since based on the GPL
(GNU public license) , the sources for ALL the code "should" be included.

  Thus winmodems are often unsupported, and as we have heard many audio


p.s.- I don't mean to imply I am any sort of guru. But I did kick
Microsoft out of my life quite a few years ago :)) <--VERY happy too.