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Re: [linrad] Mandrake distributions

Hello All,

Earlier, there was a remark made about Mandrake not being the "right" or perhaps
"PC" ( Political Correct ) distribution.
Could I get some more feedback on that? Is it possibly too easy to work with for
real Linux users?
Also, I put up the note to make you aware that it is not necessary to spend MicroSoft like prices to get a nice CD set.

73 Rein W6/PA0ZN

Richard Bown wrote:

Hi All
comments on Mandrake.

I have had difficulty with an ATI Radeon card getting linrad to run, but
on a standard graphics card it compiles and looks like it will run, and
thats on Mandrake 9.2 , the release date is the start of November.
That was using vgalib 1.4.3 installed as a RPM.
The RPM for this is in the old distro part of the mandrake site, last
distro'd with MDK8.1.

MDK9.2 download edition is free, but you will find the mirrors are
heavily clogged, If you do decide to go for MDK9.2 wait a month or so as there have been
a few minor bugs with some of the apps, both Gnome and KDE.

MDK 9.2 is available to download as a torrent, which is fairly quick.

Should you download MDK9.2 use the Icemaker window manager to start with
, download the updates, then restart in either Gnome or KDE.

One of the problems is a menu problem in both Gnome and KDE, and as the
download sites are VERY heavily used with a new distro, downloading the
upgrades during install or upgrade fails due to time out.

Apart from the odd teething trouble Mandrake 9.2 is a very nice distro..

Richard G8JVM

On Tue, 2003-10-28 at 05:06, Rein A. Smit wrote:

Hi All,

Linux comes in different distributions and prices. I like to inform those who are
thinking about getting a Linux distribution to run Linrad or other linux programs
about the following:

Go to :


and search for "Mandrake Linux"
Disclaimer: I have NO interests in EBay nor Mandrake.
Nor do I quite understand what is going on here and has been going on for some time.
From what I read it appears that Mandrake Linux is very similar to Red Hat, the best selling
Linux distribution.
I use one of the older Mandrake CD packages from eBay with Linrad and found it very easy to install..

73 Rein, W6/PA0ZN