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Re: [linrad] Mandrake distributions

I speak at least for myself.  I am a rookie with linux and found out that Mdk9.1 helped me out not only to get a system completely running but also to understand much more about linux.  Some of the expert folks are showing to be somewhat against Mdk release due to some ethic problem that I am not too much aware of.   When I'll be expert I'll eventually switch to some other release , for the moment I am doing great with Mdk9.1.   If you are a rookie too, I'd suggest it to you.

Some limitations on both linux and linrad to work properly have been identified to be somehow hardware config related so I believe think it is difficult to suggest a certain release of linux and linrad at first shot.  But Leif will enlighten you for sure.


Sergio Ik2MMB

> Hello!
> Just cleaned one of my old computers and shall get my first Linux distrb. I think i shall go for Mandrake and if i remember right i have seen some post about that the sound should be easier to get working in some version?.
> Any advice?
> 73 Hakan SM7WSJ