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[linrad] linrad compiling error at suse 9.0

Hi all,

Never change a running system!!!!

Updated to suse 9.0 and installed a new LCD screen and faced the following
proplem when compiling linrad:

gcc -olinrad -lvgagl -lvga -lm \
main.o ui.o setvga.o setad.o fft1.o buf.o mouse.o wide_graph.o \
getiq.o fft0.o rxtest.o hires_graph.o fftasm.o baseband_graph.o mix2.o \
afc_graph.o hwaredriver.o sellim.o palette.o gifsave.o timing.o help.o \
calibrate.o calsub.o calsub2.o llsqvar.o llsq.o caliq.o timf2.o wcw.o \
hwarevar.o selvar.o fft2var.o sigvar.o screenvar.o uivar.o fft1var.o \
fft3var.o calvar.o blnkvar.o mix1.o fft1_re.o fft1_approx.o fft1_complex.o
simdasm.o blank1.o fft2.o pol_graph.o split.o afcsub.o modesub.o spur.o \
cohsub.o coherent.o eme.o spursub.o freq_control.o fft2mmxb.o fft2mmxa.o \
tune.o txtest.o network.o fft2mmxc.o hware.o fft3.o
cannot find -lvgagl
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [linrad] Error 1
linuxtest:/home/linrad-01.07 #

Do I miss any package or link??

Mny tnx fr help es 73 de Werner, DL2JA

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