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FW: W3SZ's files (josh-linrad Oct 14 2002)

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Subject: [linrad] W3SZ's files

A couple of comments and questions after playing with the files.

My first question is can the SSB audio be decoded.  When I was trying to
find a frequency that sounded good I was never able to find one.  It may
have been my frequency choice or the filter was set wrong.

The Second questions is setting the fft1 avgn and other options to his
values made a really big difference in finding any of the VLF data.

Is there a good way to pass the parameter file around with the audio files
so we can see what they were seeing.  If Roger had not posted the picture
and given me some ideas on the settings I don't think I would have found
anything.  (Proof again a picture is worth a 1000 words).

I also had problems trying to play the audio files at first because of the
soundcard sampling rate.  I needed to the the card READONLY to read the
files, but it still had sound output.  Is this expected?

I think having these files really helps show off the power of linrad and
hope with sending more ancillary data or parameter files will help people
learn how to really use the software.

Now if I could just figure out what hardware to build.  There are a lot of
ideas running around, but none of them seem to have been created
and described from start to finnish.

Roger has a simple design on his page, but it does not have I and Q
outputs.  Is this a problem?  I'm also not sure if I completly understand
the LOs and XTAL Filter.  Leif has lots of ideas but he has a lot of
cautions with all of them.  So I don't know if any of those are really
ready for me.  The ESS Time Machine seems to be a starting point, but to
get to higher frequences people are rapidly making huge changes.

How have people gotten started building homebrew stuff when they don't
know how everything (or anything) works.

I'm good with computers and software, but just starting to try to get a
handle on radio hardware projects and there is a lot to learn.  I need a
mentor in the Seattle area.

						Later, JOSH (kd7hgl)