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FW: RE: 2 questions (Conrad G0RUZ Oct 14 2002)

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Hi Roger I see what you mean but I still think that the easiest way is to
use a 4 way data switch box to switch the audio directly to the 15 pin D
sub. You can have different batch files to start different versions of
Linrad with different audio setups. I know that you MUST know this, just get
the switch box hi. They are only about $25. One evening making up cables and
the problem is solved forever.

Re the power supply, I would be tempted to use a very high quality linear
PSU. I still don't trust those switch mode supplies. Maybe it's because in
my profession (pro audio) I have yet to hear a high power audio amp with a
SMPSU that sounds anywhere near as good as a top amplifier with a
conventional PSU. So I have this in built bias against them.



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> Hi, Conrad!
> Thanks for the note!
> I don't plan to just use any one receiver.  I am enjoying playing with
> and comparing my homebrew receiver and the Time Machine, and I plan to
> play with all 3 once I receive the WSE RS2500.  So when I am using the
> Rx2500, I will of course use all 4 inputs for it, 2 for each polarity
> channel I/Q.  But otherwise, and right now, I alternate between HF and
> LF using the Time Machine, HF and LF using one channel of the homebrew
> receiver (non-I/Q mode), and 144 MHz dual polarity using both channels
> of the homebrew receiver.  With any of these non-RX2500 combinations, it
> would be nice to proceed as I outlined.  If I could do so, I'd only need
> to switch cables when I went from the RX2500 to one of the other radios
> or vice versa, and not with EVERY change of radios.
> So the only thing you missed was my plan to keep using all of the
> hardware rather than only using the RX2500 after it arrives.  And my
> wanting to solve the problem so I don't need to keep swapping cables
> until the RX2500 arrives.  Since I have pretty much ended up using
> Linrad as my receiver for everything (LF, HF, and VHF and up) this cable
> swapping occurs pretty often. ;)
> Since the Delta44 input box as provided by the M Audio people has 4
> inputs and 4 outputs, it would be nice if use could be made of them as I
> outlined, rather than making up yet another switch box, or fumbling with
> cables.  But I was too lazy to try all of the menu choices in Linrad,
> and I thought Leif might have already done the experiment to see if it
> could be done.  If he didn't, then I'll do it.
> As for the PS, I can get my hands on a very nice commercial unit that
> will handle 1.5 amps, for a really good deal.  That could then replace
> my homebuilt device.  But I can't get such a deal on a commercial 3 amp
> device (or anything other than the 1.5 amp unit).  That is why I was
> being so parsimonious with the ma's.  Getting 2 1.5 amp units would make
> the deal much less attractive.  My homebrew +/- 15 V unit that I use
> with the homebrew receiver works fine, but I can't resist a good deal.
> ;)
> As regards the difficultis of math, etc these days which you commented
> on:  when I look at that stuff now I have no clue as to how I ever
> learned it 30 years ago, or why I can't remember any of it now, or why
> it is so hard to understand now (compared to then).  Please no comments
> about being a child of the '60's and what effect that might have on
> memory cells ;)
> Have a great week, and
> 73,
> Roger Rehr
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