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FW: console switching problem (long) (Kohjin Yamada Oct 12 2002)

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Subject: [linrad] console switching problem (long)

Hi all,

Here is my observation on RedHat 7.3 gcc-2.96-112
for console switching problem.
I made this observation both from shells on Xwindows and shells
on text base console.
By the way, I strongly recommend you to include your gcc version
as well as the distribution (RedHat 7.3 in my case) because those
are very dependant of the software.

First, remember that svgalib uses 'allocated virtual console #8'
on Linrad started from Xwindows while it uses the same console
on which Linrad started, not Xwindows but text base (shell) console.
Also remember that you can reach 'allocated virtual console #8'
by CNTL-ALT-F8. It means you can switch between Linrad screen
and Xwindows console by CNTL-ALT-F8 and/or CNTL-ALT-F7.
Since I have been using Linrad from only Xwindows I didn't recognize
above difference until our recent 'console switching' discussion.

I have never met ESC sequence problem so far to exit from Linrad at all!
I have never used a CTRL-c or whatever before.
A problem for me has been a damaged corrupted display at the return
from other window, I believe this is the case every one has.
The sound is alright but the display completely corrupted, so I would
hit 'X' key and 'B' to go back to the previous mode.
Now, this clears up the display but clears AWAY a cursor which was ever
focused on a certain frequency too.
(too bad if the station was rare expedition etc)

case 00-47 (Linrad launched from text base console):
On returning from other console it happens sometime (not every time)
a hit of 'X' doesn't bring main menu then another second hit of 'X' required.
In this case, the screen is heavily corrupted.

case 00-48 (Linrad launched from text base console):
Same as above.

case 00-47 (Linrad launched from Xwindows):
Launched and switched to other text base windows for a while
then crashed with the following error.
INTERNAL ERROR: 1109 (errno=62)
routine:open_audio_input   file:setad.c
call to ioctl failed. (SNDCTL_DSP_GETISPACE)

It looks above phenomena depends on the period after departed from
the console of Linrad launched.

case 00-48 (Linrad launched from Xwindows):
No crash/error for a long time in other windows and jobs.
Still garbage display but can clean up by 'X' and 'B'.

At 19:41 02/10/11 +0200, Leif SM5BSZ wrote:
>Console switching seems to be ok more than 90% of the times now. this 
>is a dramatic improvement since in older versions console switching 
>caused a fatal system crash most of the times with ctrl-alt-del as the 
>only escape.

Like I wrote above I have never met any fatal system crash by
console switching before.
It looks (for me at least) 00-47 and 00-48 both are about same.
This was confirmed running both version repeatedly.

At 23:43 02/10/10 -0400, Roger W3SZ wrote:
>Well, I generally run Linrad in Xwindows.  I can alt-F1, alt-F2 etc and
>log in to those other command-mode consoles, and when I come back to
>Linrad all seems OK, but I do get an overrun error message in the lower
>right hand corner of the linrad spectrum display when I do that.  No
>problems though.

Unbelievable, are you sure that the screen display not corrupted
and only an overrun error message?
Please make sure that you come back from 'allocated virtual console #8'
to the console you started Linrad in Xwindows.

>But if I alt-F7 while linrad is running I go back to the original x
>window from which I started linrad,

This meant you have launched Linrad from a shell in Xwindows
and watching the Linrad display in 'allocated virtual console #8'
and then you go back to the original Xwindows shell.
>and I am then locked out of linrad
>and must cntl-c to stop linrad and then restart linrad to get back in to

Hmm....I was confusing but now I think I understand!
As far as when you are out of the 'allocated virtual console #8'
CNTL-c is the only way to exit Linrad in it's launched console.
Why don't you use ESC key to exit while you are in
'allocated virtual console #8' ?

>So, once I have gone back to an x window console I cannot get back to

You can use CNTL-ALT-F8 to go back again to Linrad?
This is the only way from Xwindows console to Linrad screen.
Remember this is not the case Linrad launched from text base console.

>I can also start linrad from a command mode console and switch to other
>command mode consoles and to the xwindows console.  In this case I CAN
>get back to linrad from both the command mode consoles and the xwindows
>console and all seems to work fine.

Again, are there no corrupted display after switching?
In other words, Linrad runs same as before (except overrun error)?
If so, we should take into account of video card...???!!!

>I use ATI Radeon AGP video card and have run with RHL 6.x, 7.0, 7.2, and

Different video card might produce different result.
Mine is Matrox Millennium G400 32MB.

By the way Roger, have you followed up to the RHN update?
There are huge necessary update for 7.3!
All you have to do is to register and launch Update Agent which will
do all for you.   It will take a while though.
This update includes gcc-2.96-112 and library too.

I have strange problems in RedHat 8.0 (gcc-3.2).
Changing another RHL8.0 installed 10GB disk I will report about it shortly.

Kohjin - JR1EDE