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FW: Another Linrad S file posted (W3SZ Oct 12 2002)

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Subject: [linrad] Another Linrad S file posted

Hi Kohjin and all1

I have uploaded another vlf Linrad S2 file made using The Time Machine
as the receiver hardware (following a homebrew AMRAD active antenna and
upverter).  This one is named vlf2.bz2.

This file is also covering 300-390 KHz, as did vlf1.  I uploaded the new
one because there was a lot of pulse background noise which Linrad did a
good job of getting rid of.  Also, there is a relatively broad noise
source centered arount 360 KHz which of course Linrad does not get rid
of, as it is pulse noise.  My Time Machine is sitting open and
unshielded on the desk here, and so I suspect the noise is quite local.

Band conditions were not as good for this file as for vlf1.bz2, but
there are still beacons copiable at abaout 87000 and 55000 Hz (387 and
355 KHz).

This file is pretty large, at about 16 MB, I think.

I will leave these large files on qsl.net until Sunday evening (about
0000 Monday UTC) and then remove them as they take up a lot of server
space and I don't want to abuse QSL.net.  So if you want to play with
them, download them before that time.


Roger Rehr
W3SZ   FN20ah
2 Merrymount Road
Reading, PA  19609-1718