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FW: RE: Linrad Questions (Kohjin Yamada Oct 11 2002)

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Subject: RE: [linrad] Linrad Questions

Hi Roger,

Thanks for your nice input.

At 18:47 02/10/10 -0400, you wrote:
>With Leif's help I modified them to decrease 0 frequency noise, and I
>also don't use their oscillator due to phase noise;  I use external

If I were, I would do the same.
Did you use PTS or xtal osc?
>If you want I can make and send you some gif files of the spectra with
>them, or some Linrad S files.  Just tell me what you want (band, mode,
>file size, etc) and I can post them to my web site.

I appreciate as huge as possible!
Any band or mode but I prefer 144MHz EME of course.

Thanks as always,

Kohjin - JR1EDE