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FW: RE Debian-Woody does Linrad plus some problems (Leif Åsbrink Oct 08 2002)

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Subject: RE: [linrad] Debian-Woody does Linrad plus some problems

Hi Peter and others,
> Some smaller and bigger things that cause me problems:
> (this is where I need some help)
> a. I don´t know how to disconnect input from output (aumix ? how?)

PLEASE, ALSA users, give Peter a hint. I use OSS and I have no idea.

> b. The decoded signal does not appear directly at the output of the
> soundcard. I have to press F1 in the spectrum view and press the
> any-key. After that, the signal appears.
There are many little problems with the dvice drivers not behaving
as they are supposed to. The output may fail to start because it was 
recently stopped. Pressing F1 will stop the output for a longer time.
Try the "pause" key to see if it helps the same way as F1.

> c. I don´t know how to change the samplerate of the soundcard (now
> sampling 8000 Hz -which SHOULD be enough)
Input sampling speed is set by the U function on the main menu.
> d. Changing between shells (alt-Fx) is not possible (returning to linrad
> gives a black screen). This is annoying as I can´t use aumix and linrad
> at the same time
Yes. This is due to svgalib (I think it is unavoidable).

> e. Linrad crashes frequently over some D/A errors
Exactly what errors?


Leif / SM5BSZ