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FW: Re:spectran,dspfil, please clarify (DEHAYS Dominique Oct 01 2002)

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Hi Arie and the list ,

what is very interesting with LINRAD ( among many other nice features) 
when you are a microwave ham , is to be able to look at 90Khz of the band 
and find signals even if they are very weak . You know like me that 
frequency accuracy is a pb on microwaves so you never know if the guy you 
are trying to work will be on the right frequency or not , LINRAD solves 
that problem...
One problem with weak microwave signals is that LO's are obtained by 
multiplication of a 100Mhz signal to 5/10/23/xx Ghz , so the signal has 
quite a poor phase noise , and it is difficult to get improvement by using 
a sharp filter . I can see , for example, this problem on a 23cm beacon 
located about 250km from here , when I look at the spectrum on the BSZ 
PC-RX ( DOS version) the CW signal is very , very broad compared to a 2m 

73's Arie