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FW: Took the bait. (Dan Hammill Sept 29 2002)

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Subject: [linrad] Took the bait.

Well, I'm hooked.  I won a Delta 44 on Ebay this AM.  Now
all I need is a dedicated machine on which to load the
Red Hat 7.3 I downloaded a few months ago, a RX front end,
crossed yagis, and some time and patience to learn Linux.

I'll have the following CPU hardware available immediately:

 Tyan S1470 MB/Pentium 200/64MB RAM/5 PCI, 4 ISA
 Diamond Stealth 3D 3000 PCI Video
 Creative Labs SB AWE32 (ISA) for sound output
 Delta 44 for baseband input....when it arrives ;-)
 3COM 3C509 (ISA) Ethernet card (my house is networked)
 Maxtor 5.1 GB HD (unused)
 etc. ....

Will this fly at a reasonable speed, or will I need some
newer hardware with built-in warp drive?

RX Front end....still thinking about it.

Crossed yagis....well, I have a set of 8 M2 18XXX's in
boxes that I could stack as a set of 4 crossed pairs with
appropriate bracing, phasing, etc., rather than start from
scratch.  It may be slightly imperfect and heavy, but I'd
bet that it would play better than anything I have now.

Time and patience to learn Linux....hmmmmm.

I welcome any suggestions from those who've already been

Dan  KB5MY  DM13nc
 Ramona, CA  USA