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FW: RE: Linrad00-47 and WSE RX2500 (Leif Åsbrink Sept 29 2002)

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Subject: [linrad] RE: Linrad00-47 and WSE RX2500

Hi All,

> This is a question for Leif:
> After you're satisfied with the boxed production hardware,
> will you consider selling unassembled PCB kits for those
> who like to do their own packaging (and also shave off some
> of that production labor cost - HI)?
The first batch of 25 units is the last step of product development.
Sometimes design errors show up when several supposedly equal units 
are produced ;-)

For the RX2500 the lesson is: The gain margin of the X-tal oscillator
has to be checked and the 74HC4052 have to be tested for linearity
and possibly for phase noise.

The cost difference between a kit and an assebled unit is very small
if everything is included and the coils are wound. Dropping the component
into a board or into a box does not make much difference, possibly
USD 20 or so. If the kit would be less complete, unwound coils and no
box, some cost reduction is possible, but only if a sufficient number
of kits were made.

At the moment there are no plans to supply RX2500 as a kit. It would
not be reasonable to produce less than 10 kits and I do not think
we woulf find customers for that many considering the small price


Leif  /  SM5BSZ