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FW: RE: Linrad00-47 and WSE RX2500 (Kohjin Yamada Sept 26 2002)

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Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2002 2:23 AM
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Subject: Re: [linrad] Linrad00-47 and WSE RX2500

Hi Leif and all,

I took a look at the new web page and was surprised/pleased
to see Leif's future scheme, "High performance hardware for linrad".
It's a bit complex of multi conversion but I could afford.

It is impressive that Leif describes;
"Some day I will (hopefully) make transmit hardware by use of
the same strategy. Tx outputs will fit the rx inputs in frequency
and amplitude so rx and tx performance can be verified easily
at any point in the rx/tx signal chain."

Above is great and I do hope it will be available soon:-)
Also I really wish Linrad will include JT44 inside somehow too!
By the way, any wish list exists?

I will update the new version today and see how good.

Kohjin - JR1EDE