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FW: RE: Big surprise!(Kohjin Yamada Sept 14 2002)

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At 10:59 02/09/14 +0000, Oki wrote:
>If you want to know the electrical characteristics of sound cards for your 
>    the best place?:
>        http://www.pcavtech.com/soundcards/ PCAVTech
>    some reviews:
>        http://www.pcrecording.com/reviews.htm PCRecording.com
>    ,and some more:
>        http://www.io.com/~kazushi/audiocard/index.html Audio cards 
analogue data

Really usefull link info, especially the first one thanks!
LynxTWO seems to be a Cadillac, CardDeluxe is the next and Delta[44|66] ???

By the way Oki, why don't you put your name (callsign too?)
in your email so that we can call your first name etc?

Kohjin - JR1EDE