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FW:SB16 and Linrad (Kohjin Yamada Sept 08 2002)

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Subject: Re: [linrad] SB16 and Linrad

Hi Terry,

Thank you very much for your input.
Your setting for oss is very helpful thanks!
I followed your setting but failed in vain.
My SB16 is Vibra 16 X, what's yours?

Kohjin - JR1EDE

At 20:10 02/09/07 -0600, you wrote:
>JR1EDE wrote:
> > I have recently installed lir00-46 in Redhat 7.2J (kernel 2.4.19)
> > with oss397c-linux-v2x for Creative Sound Blaster 16 (yes ISA).
> > Everything look fine but linrad can't find the device.
> > (Error - "No device found for 8/16 bit output")
>I also have an ISA SB16 card and am using oss for my sound server.   I run 
>a small program before I start Linrad to set all the levels and 
>switches.   Here are the steps...
>/usr/lib/oss/ossmix vol 90
>/usr/lib/oss/ossmix bass 50
>/usr/lib/oss/ossmix treble 50
>/usr/lib/oss/ossmix synth 0
>/usr/lib/oss/ossmix synth.rec OFF
>/usr/lib/oss/ossmix pcm 75
>/usr/lib/oss/ossmix speaker 0
>/usr/lib/oss/ossmix line 45
>/usr/lib/oss/ossmix line.rec ON
>/usr/lib/oss/ossmix mic 0
>/usr/lib/oss/ossmix mic.rec OFF
>/usr/lib/oss/ossmix cd 0
>/usr/lib/oss/ossmix cd.rec OFF
>/usr/lib/oss/ossmix mix 0
>/usr/lib/oss/ossmix igain 75
>/usr/lib/oss/ossmix ogain 75
>/usr/lib/oss/ossmix omix.llinesw OFF
>/usr/lib/oss/ossmix omix.rlinesw OFF
>/usr/lib/oss/ossmix omix.cdsw OFF
>/usr/lib/oss/ossmix omix.micsw OFF
>/usr/lib/oss/ossmix misc.agc OFF
>    You should be able to save these and make the file an executable.   You 
>may need to change the level setting to suit your installation.   Hope this 
>helps you.
>Terry  KJ7F