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FW: [linrad] Help for SB16

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Subject: Re: [linrad] Help for SB16

Hi OMs.

From: Kohjin Yamada <jr1ede@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [linrad] Help for SB16
Date: Sat, 07 Sep 2002 18:41:45 +0900

> I have recently installed lir00-46 in Redhat 7.2J (kernel 2.4.19)
> with oss397c-linux-v2x for Creative Sound Blaster 16 (yes ISA).
> Everything look fine but linrad can't find the device.
> (Error - "No device found for 8/16 bit output")
> Linrad says;
> "Use ossmix to select input and to disable direct connection from
> input to output etc."

I had same error with OSS driver, but not with ALSA.
I think you should try ALSA, as well. 
Some recent destributions are optimized for ALSA, at reast my destribution is.
I don't know the Redhat 7.2J is optimized for ALSA, or not.
ALSA has better performance than OSS anyway. Do you have paticular reason still
using OSS ?

Here are just for information. My configurations;

    cpu: pentium mmx 233MHz
    sound card: ESS1869
    linrad: lir00-46
    linux destribution: Omoikane(subset of the Debian)
    ALSA driver: ALSA 0.5 snd-card-es18xx
    mixer: aumix