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FW: [linrad] Delta 44 mod.

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I have looked into how to purchase the Midiman / M Audio Delta 44 soundcard on
the Swedish market. There is no way to purchase the card only. It is certainly
possible, but you probably would have to order "a lot" of cards to get the
manufacturers attention. Probably, the cost for the breakout box and bundled
software is not as high as one would think. The by far biggest cost apart from
pure hardware is, I would guess, development and distribution.

Secondly, if I understand Leif correctly, there are other sound cards in the
pipeline with far better performance but with no Linux drivers, so the Delta
44 might me obsolete in a nearby future. Then, that's where efforts should /
could be made to buy the card at best price.


DEHAYS Dominique wrote:

> Hi Leif and all guys on the reflector.
> I did a search on Internet about this Delta 44 board. My question is : the
> board is sold with an interface box ( jacks , potentiometers and so on...
> Is this box needed for LINRAD? I don't think so , is it possible to buy
> the board only , it possibly could turn the price to a more affordable
> level?
> 73's Dom/F6DRO