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Linrad on Dell laptops

I have had no luck in getting linrad running on my Dell Inspiron 8000 laptop. There is no screen display at all. The chip set used is the ATI Mobility M4. which is is *based* on the Rage Mobility 128. svgalib is said to support the r128 but what Dell uses is distinctly different. The ATI's website


....shows that the M4 "improves on it's predecessor, the Rage Mobility 128". Whatever "improvements" they made makes it different enough that svgalib apparently does not support it.
As I bought the laptop for the express purpose of running linrad this is a serious blow. I will try to find an answer in the svgalib developer community but wanted to post this to alert others and at the same time to ask if any Dell -linrad users have come up with a solution