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Re: [linrad] QEX Sept/Oct 2003 & AOR's Newest Offering

Hi All,

   There is quite a bit of "free" code already on the web to do "digital"
decoding of various formats given a digitized analog stream.

   With a bit of effort one of us could ADD these features to linrad. (Or
better yet make a stand alone program that receives its raw audio input
data from a 2nd program running on the same or different machine.) That
way we could just load up the programs for the data types we want to
have data decoding enabled for.

   Leif has been encouraging me, but I haven't quite given in :) But I am
MOST interested. The idea has REAL merit. Pretty easy to do and easy to
work on.

   If we each took a piece, it wouldn't take too long to have quite a bit 
up and working!

   warm regards,
   john, ni1b