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RE: [linrad] QEX Sept/Oct 2003 & AOR's Newest Offering

On Fri, 2003-09-05 at 09:12, Robert McGwier wrote:
> My apologies Colburn.  I seem to have missed the AMBE2020
> encoder and decoder software in Leif's software package.
> Can you please point me to the subroutines?  

My interest is digital radio, costly proprietary formats are a secondary
discussion and an impediment to implementation in my view.  If LinRad
leads to a free protocol for digital communications and does so with
equal effectiveness to one that requires a $549. proprietary interface
one need not wonder for long which will flourish in Ham circles.

> I am also missing the linrad exciter and power amplifiers and the
> receive front end that connects to the antenna.  I haven't found 
> the subroutines for that either.

Neither system has, nor pretends to have the RF hardware.  The AOR
device attaches to the microphone input of an existing transceiver, so
this is a non-issue in the comparison.

> I am totally unimpressed with the ARD9800 and so will the
> users that attempt to use it on long haul circuits.
> It must be low power since it only draws 200ma at 12V.
> On the other hand, it is clear that Linrad, which is a
> great thing, is not everything.  Bob  N4HY

The exciting thing about LinRad is that it has made amazing progress
toward a usable interface for multiple apps, is free, and is user

I am already locked-out of Pactor III by the exorbitant price for their
proprietary interface and will have to wait for a Linux-based
software-sound card option.  I am hoping that LinRad provides the same
access for we less-well-heeled folks in the digitized-voice realm of Ham

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