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RE: [linrad] QEX Sept/Oct 2003 & AOR's Newest Offering

My apologies Colburn.  I seem to have missed the AMBE2020
encoder and decoder software in Leif's software package.
Can you please point me to the subroutines?  I am also
missing the linrad exciter and power amplifiers and the
receive front end that connects to the antenna.
I haven't found the subroutines for that either.

I am totally unimpressed with the ARD9800 and so will the
users that attempt to use it on long haul circuits.
It must be low power since it only draws 200ma at 12V.
On the other hand, it is clear that Linrad, which is a
great thing, is not everything.


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Subject: Re: [linrad] QEX Sept/Oct 2003 & AOR's Newest Offering

> In Leifs article in QEX, September/October 2003 issue, titled
> Linrad: New Possibilities for the Communications Experimenter, Part 4,

Anyone compared LinRad to AOR's product?

Seems to me it would be real hard to justify $549. for their
hardware-plus-pc solution when LinRad does the same stuff for free and
needs no special hardware.

Between LinRad and Pactor III (still not available using any Linux app I
have identified) one could really make some neat things happen under
pretty tough band conditions -- a few bugs worked out and it would make
sense to recommend them to emergency communications folks!
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