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Re: Yet another linrad beginner ... with problems

I have been following the linrad discussions for some time. The use on HF as
introduced recently by W6WO prompted me to get down to actually setting up a
linrad installation....

Details as follows:
PC  PIII-550 with 128MB RAM
Ensoniq 1370 pci sound card
Creative AWE32 ISA sound card
Redhat 9 with OSS (evaluation) sound driver(s) installed.  KDE desktop for
Nasm, svgalib, linrad01.05 all installed ok and linrad starts.

The problem comes with setting up the input and output. From previous
postings, I thought it would be good to use the AWE32 for the input and the
1370 for the output. The 1370 card is automatically using /dev/dsp and is
working with the standard sound programs.(eg will play music to a speaker).
I assume the AWE32 is /dev/dsp1 but I am not sure how to check its full
function. If I put the input on /dev/dsp1 I am only offered RDWR and then on
testing it reports an arror and suggest RDONLY should be tried. On the other
hand if I put the input on /dev/dsp, I am asked to choose between RDONLY and
RDWR and I can take RDONLY and linrad accepts it. Then for the output on
/dev/dsp1, I am only given RDWR but that again errors.

Any help would be welcome.
73, Brian.  ZL1CWN