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Laptop progress

OK guys looking for laptops.
Another Caveat.
I'm having the same problems with my new Fujitsu P2120
as I was hsving with the old A1010 (which Fujitsu bought
back from me). When running CPU intensive applications
in a tropical environment, 90+ degrees F. 80+% RH. it
becomes very hot and then flakey. Not so bad as the A1010,
but bad enough that programs and occasional the OS will
lock up. Don't know if it's my particular unit or a
design problem as they publish no environment specs for
the unit. Dealer is taking issue up with Fujitsu (who
has been very receptive to solving problems in the past).

So, if you're thinking of portable weak signal work in the
tropics. I suggest looking carefully at the environmental
specifications of any laptop you're considering and get
the dealer to agree to take care of you if the machine
does not perform as advertised.