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Laptops for LinRad

Finally found some time to work on Fujitsu P2120

For internal audio...
1)ALSA runs fine
2)OSS runs fine
3)ESD runs fine with simultaneous multiple IO streams
Recipes were found at greenfly.org for debian but
worked fine with my redhat 9.0 install after grabbing
the stuff that was not included with distro off the net.

Next step is to see if they'll run with the
USB SoundBlaster MP3+. $50, 16 bit 48kHz external
'A/D' converter. ESD should allow using the internal
for audio out and the external for radio in.

Haven't installed LinRad on this box yet, but do not
expect any difficulties.

It will play a DIVX movie without any jerkiness (75% resources used)
so  that Transmeta Crusoe should have enough power for Linrad.

-bob ah7i
hoping to get a 2m EME running by next summer.