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RE: [linrad] Laptop

Hi Doc,

> I haven't succeed in getting linrad running but I am working on it. 
> Just checked the spec of my Dell Inspiron 8000 it does have a stereo 
> line-in port and the sound card is an ESS Technology Maestro 3i - 16 
> bits. The video controller is given as ATI Mobility M4  8 Meg memory 
> is standard, 32 Meg max.
Keep me informed:)
I would be happy to buy something that has been made to work
by someone else;)

There have been many mails on this thread already, I have looked 
at several Internet sites, but I am still completely confused.
I would be happy to read a mail form someone saying: "I have this
laptop: xxxxxx, it runs fine with Linrad, it is a modern one 
that you can buy off the shelf now"
> How much video memory and RAM is considered desirable for linrad?
Linrad uses 256 colours, 1 byte per pixel, so for all that I understand
there is no reason to have more than 1 megabyte for a 1024x768 screen.
(I never understood what all the video memory is for. Games?)

I do not know how much RAM you might need. It is possible to use 
a lot of memory but it is not necessary. I think 16MB is enough in
most cases but it might be a good idea to go for some more.
My best computer has 256MB and I never had any problem with
memory for Linrad. It is easy to run out of memory - but that will
happen only if you ask for silly things. If you want a baseband fft
(fft3) with a bin bandwidth of 0.05Hz it will be very stupid to run
the first mixer with a low resampling rate for example.


Leif  /  SM5BSZ