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SuSe 8.2, alsa, delta 44

Hi all,

First of all a big thanks to Leif for this marvelous program. I enjoy it
now since half a year mostly for VHF beacon monitoring, and its screen is
by far more thrilling than the evenings German TV programs ;-)

Recently I became the proud owner of  a delta 44 and wanted to install it
together with the up to now used on-board  sound card. 

After U setup command I can select the following:
/dev/dsp   48000Hz 4 Chan 16 bit
/dev/dsp0 48000Hz 4 Chan 16 bit
/dev/dsp1 48000Hz 4 Chan 16 bit
Where dsp0 is the delta 44 and dsp1 the on-board (trident chip). Even so
the master clock for the delta 44 is set to 96000 in the envy24 control
utility Linrad shows above speed. After selecting the radio interface in my
case (1) I get the following: 

INTERNAL ERROR: 1073 (errno=22)
Routine:set_analog_io file:setad.c
Call to ioctl failed. (SNDCTL_DSP_SPEED)

Well I tried several configurations for the card, recompiled LINRAD tried
several versions of it but as an unskilled Linux user I came to the end of
my capabilities. I tried to install OSS with the newest version available
and also tried older versions of it without success. Can OSS be installed
on top of ALSA or has ALSA to be removed or just switched of ?

My system:

Pentium III 866MHZ
SuSe 8.2, Alsa package , kernel 2.4
Linrad 00-56 and 01-01

What else can I try, has anybody some further hints??
Many thanks in advance for your help.

Vy 73s de
Werner, DL2JA


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