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RE: [linrad] Fw: re svgalib

Hello Dick,
> I have learned a bit but even though svgalib-1.4.3 
> compiles ok (apparently) I get the system 11 segmentation
> fault when I select the output sound channel in linrad 
> setup. Can anyone give any hints ? 

This means that you have been sucessful with svgalib - 
otherwise you would not have reached as far as to the
sound setup.

There should be some information in your 
soundboard_init.log file.

there is some error in the device driver(s) for the
soundcard. You may try all possible combinations of
devices drivers and RDWR/RDONLY for the input. Then
try the different options for the output. If you are 
lucky some combination works. Otherwise you have to 
install OSS or ALSA. 


Leif   /  SM5BSZ