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Re: [linrad] Buying the Linux PC for Linrad use.

I think you received it directly but the list did not receive it at all
-- unless my wife unintentionally deleted the post.  I really appreciate
any and all help!

Good heads-up re. the scanner, thanks!

I am looking for a rf-tight atx desktop case and a rf-quiet mobo. Any
recommendations of specific manufacturer and model cases?  Any
recommendations of mobo's other than Intel?

I'd love to run a dc-dc power supply in an rf-tight tower case if
possible, probably a Pentium 4 CPU  although a Pentium-M would save me
fussing around the differences under Linux ... not to mention less heat
and greater energy efficiency. ;-)

My new laptop runs a Pentium-M 1.5GHz, it uses a good deal of magnesium
alloy in the construction and is supposedly made by the "Rolls Royce" of
laptop builders, Quanta.  It should arrive in a couple of weeks, will
test it for rf leakage then.

My future location will be in a all-steel home (steel frame, roof, and
outer wall covering with steel studs in the inner walls as well).  My
plan is for all of the antennas to be located at least 50 feet from the
radio room.  Am I likely to hear anything?  Cannot the RF leak from the
PC to the receiver on power cables and from case to case even if the
coax brings the desired signal from outside?

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e

On Fri, 2003-07-04 at 14:13, David Garnier wrote:
> Colburn,
> Sorry, I did not get a chance to comment and acknowledge the
> important comments in your email - that is - onboard chipsets be it
> audio or video may not have Linux drivers for them - very good point.
> Another point that I missed in my email to Jim that is equally important
> is that - the receiving capabilities of these DSP based radio programs
> (Linard, DSP-10, DSR-1000 ?) can receive RFI emissions orders of
> magnitude under Group 1 Class B RFI limits - you still may have to
> ferrite bead, copper tape or screen stuff up...  Either way "your mileage
> my vary" considering how far your antenna is located from your Pc.
> It is truely amazing how many "dirty clocks" I can hear around &
> outside my house.  A simple thing as a document scanner is a real
> "dirty bird,"  it cannot be enclosed is a metal box if I want to scan
> papers papers - right?  (My Visioneer Paperport scanner opens the
> squelch on my 10, 6 and 2 meter radios.)
> Incidently, Leif's box modifications aren't all that outragious - I have
> had to do things like that to switcher power supplies to prevent self
> jamming in my companies Ultrasound product.
> dave garnier - wb9own