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Re: [linrad] Buying the Linux PC for Linrad use.


Was just looking at PCUSA's website, it appears that they are a
clone builder - beware.
You need to call them & ask how they are complying to FCC
requirements, (I can see that deer in the headlights look already
doh?)  A better question to ask would be: "PCUSA, how are you
as a company marking your products for compliance to FCC part
15 rules and regulations?"


The whole FCC Part 15 is available from here:
(see section 15.32 test procedures for CPU boards and computer
power supplies.)

Personal, all bets are off if they are marking their products as
being "assembled from tested componets," my work experiance
has been very positive concerning Intel motherboards meeting
Group1 Class B.  Jim, wanna swap one of your EME antenna
arrays for a compliant Pc?  Just kidding!!! ;-)  Good luck.

dave garnier - wb9own

3) Here is a link to FCC website that explains all of this.

wb9uwa@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi Dave,
> I am not real comfortable piecing my own PC together.
> If someone picked out all the parts  to buy, then maybe....?
> As you mentioned before, RFI can still be a problem.
> Leif says that a Pentium III 600 Mhz should be sufficient for Linrad
> for some years to come. This modifies my request and should simplify
> my search. I would be real interested in finding out what PC's are the
> quiet ones, as you mentioned. I did notice some Dell 600 Mhz PCs
> on Ebay in the $200 range. Still seems a bit high for a used PC, dude.
> Did the Compaq Deskpro series make the quiet list? There are several
> sources for a used 1 gig PC for $205.
> Another option is the $200 Linux PC at Walmart. Of course it may be noisey.
> On 4 Jul 2003 at 1:01, David Garnier wrote:
> > Hi Jim,
> >
> > If you piecing together your own system you would find motherboards
> > (in general) aren't all that expensive. Retail boxed Intel
> > motherboards are generally price competitive.  For example, a year ago
> > the Intel 845GBV board we used in product retailed for about $95.
> > This board was attrative because it was highly integrated: (onboard
> > I/O, 10-100 ethernet, 4 USB's (2 were USB 2.0,) Intel's Extream
> > Graphics chipset, 4 PCI slots.)  The big minus in the Intel solution
> > is the P4 pricing and DDR pricing...  If you don't need bleeding edge
> > performance the pricing of P3 CPU's and ram are real attractive.  At
> > Dayton I was looking at a P3 Intel retail mother board for $75 dollars
> > (Intel board guarantee is 3 years) and 1.X Ghz CPU is about the same
> > price. Gateway is using Intel motherboards in some of their products.
> > In fact those brand new P3 Intel boards were being solde by that same
> > vendor for $45 dollars...
> >
> > Try this once. Go to Pricewatch.com once, search on motherboards, then
> > on Intel once, check the prices once.
> > http://www.pricewatch.com/2/2/32-1.htm
> >
> > It's getting late, I will look at the PCUSA tomorrow...  There have
> > been a couple threads in the past 2 years on the IEEE EMC listserve on
> > which quiet PC's are used... HP Vectra's and some Dell's were some
> > favorites.  Buying used is another option.  More later. 73's and
> > goodnite.
> >
> > dave garnier