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RE: [linrad] I-Q and HF SSB/AM/FM questions, bulk buy for 200Mhz SAW oscs

Hi Alex, Roger and All,

> What do you feel are the deficits of the SDR-1000 as compared to 
> the Linrad hardware? Is it in the dynamic range or elsewhere? 
It is the dynamic range and the useful bandwidth. The RX2500 has
extremely steep anti-alias filters in it.

> As I am  interested more in 
> the SWL/General Coverage side of things will I be disappointed?
The SDR-1000 should be your choice. The WSE RX converters are really 
extreme and they are for ham bands only. Will be trivial to modify for
BC bands but I do not think you will need the dynamic range.

> I felt that 
> it was more flexible for covering the entire band from VLF-High SW. 


Leif  /  SM5BSZ