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Re: [linrad] I-Q and HF SSB/AM/FM questions, bulk buy for 200Mhz SAW oscs


What do you feel are the deficits of the SDR-1000 as compared to the Linrad 
hardware? Is it in the dynamic range or elsewhere? As I am interested more in 
the SWL/General Coverage side of things will I be disappointed? I felt that 
it was more flexible for covering the entire band from VLF-High SW. I 
remember picking up a Liberian rebel station on my 2-diode single balanced 
mixer RX back in my youth and I was elated - EME would be almost dreamlike!

Thanks as well for pointing me to your guide. I've just now posted all manner 
of dumb questions on the list to Leif and suddenly your pointers for my 
"idiot's guide" came in. 

BTW for all that have tried it I have the SB-16 PCI using ALSA's snd-ens1371 

Many thanks.