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Re: [linrad] Buying the Linux PC for Linrad use.

This is in my Sent box from yesterday but somehow never made it to the

Can anyone recommend an equally rf-quiet mobo made by someone other than
Intel, please? I have had nothing but bad experiences with on-board
sound, video, and nics.

Off-mobo eases upgrades and when the video/sound/network card fails one
doesn't have to hope the on-board circuits can be totally bypassed --
else live with artifacts.

Also, anyone seen a 12VDC vs 120VAC input power supply for a desktop ATX
case?  I'd like to really isolate it from the utility feed by running it
on a battery.

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e

On Fri, 2003-07-04 at 02:01, David Garnier wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> If you piecing together your own system you would find motherboards
> (in general) aren't all that expensive. Retail boxed Intel motherboards
> are generally price competitive.  For example, a year ago the Intel
> 845GBV board we used in product retailed for about $95.  This board
> was attrative because it was highly integrated: (onboard I/O, 10-100
> ethernet, 4 USB's (2 were USB 2.0,) Intel's Extream Graphics chipset,
> 4 PCI slots.)  The big minus in the Intel solution is the P4 pricing and
> DDR pricing...  If you don't need bleeding edge performance the
> pricing of P3 CPU's and ram are real attractive.  At Dayton I was
> looking at a P3 Intel retail mother board for $75 dollars (Intel board
> guarantee is 3 years) and 1.X Ghz CPU is about the same price.
> Gateway is using Intel motherboards in some of their products. In fact
> those brand new P3 Intel boards were being solde by that same
> vendor for $45 dollars...
> Try this once. Go to Pricewatch.com once, search on motherboards,
> then on Intel once, check the prices once.
> http://www.pricewatch.com/2/2/32-1.htm
> It's getting late, I will look at the PCUSA tomorrow...  There have
> been a couple threads in the past 2 years on the IEEE EMC listserve
> on which quiet PC's are used... HP Vectra's and some Dell's were
> some favorites.  Buying used is another option.  More later.
> 73's and goodnite. dave garnier