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RE: [linrad] 'garbage on screen'

Hi Leif!
okkydook for the calibration hints.  Yeah, I am now at the stage where I
should perhaps think about the rf inteface and study a bit more
seriously the whole thing.  BTW I think I downloaded one of the latest
versions of linrad, isn't lir00-56.tbz the last version? That's what I



Il ven, 2003-06-13 alle 18:52, Leif Åsbrink ha scritto:
> Hi Serg,
> > I do not know what I touched on the keyboard I have a graphical view
> > cluttering up my screen and do not succeed to turn it off.
> > As in garbage.gif screen pick.  Can't easily find how to turn it off.
> You have switched on the timf2 oscilloscope.
> It is the little box with an "o" in it in the lower right
> corner of the high resolution graph (the one with red dB scale)
> This is the screen to use when you learn how to use the noise blanker.
> Since your system is not calibrated, you have only access to
> the dumb blanker. Recent Linrad versions have a much better control
> panel for the timf2 oscilloscope.
> 73
> Leif   /  SM5BSZ