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Re: [linrad] 'garbage on screen'

Thanks for prompt reply Joe,
that unfortunately did not fix the problem, I tried to hit the ° with
any other additional key but no luck... Also tried mny other key
combination but no luck either.  That is happening in 'A' mode, weak
signal cw mode. With cursor placed on one of the graphic lines if I
press F1 I just get an error message that causes the program to crash
end exit. BTW I get the same error if I place the cursor in a black
non-program area and hit F1, is that normal? But that doesn't bug me
much, anyhow.  I can't really recognize what I have done when I
inadvertently gave a hit on the keyboard and the graph lines started to


Il ven, 2003-06-13 alle 17:23, Joseph B. Fitzgerald ha scritto:
> You have entered a debugging mode ... I am going from memory now as I am
> at work, but I think you turn it off by clicking the little "O" button in
> the second widget up from the bottom right.
> If that is not it, just put your mouse over different controls and hit the
> "F1" key .... that tells you what each one does. 
> You may need to restart the program once it is turned off to get
> "leftovers" off the screen.
> If you can't solve the problem, I will fool around with it a bit when I
> get home tonight.
> -Joe KM1P