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Re: [linrad] : Volume control in filter window ( RF )

    Hello Leif and All,

   Thanks for the information on the control function. ( Keep forgetting
about the F1 help function! ) 

I should have never connected those speakers to the sound card in the 
first place, after starting the program the first time . Yes indeed,  with 
a pair of headphones it becomes a total different environment.

I will have to do a lot of cleaning up on the RX-Linrad interface as
well as getting a decent audio amplifier with a REAL audio volume control 
between the sound card output and the headphones. Also discovered that the
audio control of the 850 does not attenuate the rx output totally to zero.
Had never noticed this with a headphone. Perhaps some loop.
Also the computer is going to take a lot of work.

Knowing the real function of this control in question makes a big 
difference now! 

Extending the filter window in the Y-axis is a large improvement in 
getting control over the system at least in these stages of my learning curve.

I had and still have not the right gain distribution through the  system 
here at the moment.

It probably really does not matter, but this control scale shows 72 scale
divisions here. ( ver lin00-54 ). It does not seem to be a function of 
window scaling.

What are the bfo frequency steps, 256 Hz or so?

73 rein W6/PA0ZN