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Re: SV: [linrad] svgalib

Hi, Arie and Dominic.

Thanks for an answer.

On Mon, 2 Jun 2003, Dominic Kilbride wrote:

> Hi Alex,
> If your having problems with SVGAlib it can be worth trying the "VESA"
> compatible mode for VGA.
> Do this by entering/enabling
> chipset VESA
> in the config file - /etc/vga/libvga.config

I have try it but no sucsses yet. By the way I have tested this video card
in MS DOS by the program 'whatvga'. It have determines two modes: 
'RealTek 3105' and 'VESA'. When I have test card by 'whatvga' I have
find it does work well in mode 'RealTek 3105' and it does not work
at all in mode 'VESA'. When I try VESA mode computer has hung. Also it
hungs when I try VESA mode in Lunux. I am not familar with VESA. Does this
mean computer should have VLB bus (my motherboard is PCI) or it can work
with PCI buss (video card is in ISA slot)?

Moreover I have a problem when I compile svgalib. I should comment
driver FB_DEV_DRIVER or I have undetermined symbols and 'make' stops. May
be this is a reason? What to do if it is so?

73 de RA9MB/Alex