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Re: [linrad] RE: H mode mixers at 144 MHz

Hi Roger,

Thanks for the good informative input.

At 10:33 03/06/01 -0400, Roger wrote:
>I first learned of H-Mixers in the ARRL Book "Experimental
>Methods in RF Design".  You probably remember when I posted
>to this list on that book back in February or so.  I think I
>actually used an H-Mixer quote at that time, but I am not

Yes, I found your post at;
"Great Book" 08 Feb 2003
"Homebrew Receivers" 06 Apr 2003

BTW, would ML maintainer please add a numbering feature so that we can
easily identify the archived file? I believe Majordomo has such option.
For example; [linrad:12345].

I didn't pay any attention on them, not as usual, maybe I was busy 
w/another thing.
Or, perhaps I kept it as archived and thought to look later :-)

I'm sorry that I haven't bought the ARRL book yet but will do right away.

RadCom TT by Pat Hawker G3VA had been my best favorite for long years
although I don't subscribe RadCom anymore now.

>I hope the above is helpful.

I have snipped most of yours but really helpful, thanks!

>I am sending a copy of this to Giancarlo, and also inviting
>him to join the Linrad list as I think many of you would
>like to hear directly from him.

Glad to know that Gian I7SWX has joined the linrad list, welcome!

Kohjin - JR1EDE

>----- Original Message Follows -----
>> Hi Roger,
>> Thanks for the very interesting post.
>> I wonder if there is any website of Giancarlo I7SWX and/or
>> G3SBI? I have searched in Mr. Google but couldn't reach
>> anywhere.
>> Who gave the name of "H-Mode Mixer"?
>> Do you or Giancarlo know of any good webpage to learn
>> H-Mode Mixer?
>> Kohjin - JR1EDE
>> At 21:31 03/05/31 -0400, you wrote:
>> >Hi, Leif!
>> >
>> >H-Mode mixers were made with J310's before people started
>> >using the Fairchild devices, I think.  Given the IP3's of
>> >40-45 dB quoted, to you think that it would be worth
>> trying >this at 144 MHz?
>> >
>> >
>> >73,
>> >Roger
>> >W3SZ
>> >
>> >> 
>> >> I made some experiments with the NC7SB3157, another
>> member >> of the Fairchild CMOS switch family. I tried to
>> use it to >> convert from 70MHz to 10.7MHz but the results
>> were not too >> encouraging. I do not remember the details
>> any more, but >> performance was similar to what I could
>> get with the J310. >> Since the microscopic devices  are
>> awkward to work with I >> decided to use the J310......
>> >> 
>> >> Some day the modern switches will be superiour for use
>> at >> VHF.  I do not know if the day has already arrived,
>> my >> tests did not  give good enough IM3 performance but
>> I did >> not study very carefully  since I do not have the
>> tools to >> work with these very small components.
>> >> 
>> >> Maybe someone will make a PCB with just the mixer on
>> it? >> 
>> >> 73
>> >> 
>> >> Leif / SM5BSZ